Words cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your support and assistance for our foster child so that she can play and participate on her school’s team. This outlet will help to enrich her social and physical development. It will help her learn about teamwork and also teach her value life lessons such as communication, responsibility, discipline, and working with other to achieve a common goal. Thank you so much for responding so promptly to aid this child in need.
-CN, Social Worker (February 2017)


Thanks for [passing along an update on the student]. More importantly thanks for being the key to opening the door between the young lady and me.  We both benefited.
-SB, Donor (February 2017)


When this little boy is not at school two days a week, he spends most of the day inside his apartment. A safe and loving environment for him is what they need most after he witnessed something traumatic last fall.  Being able to participate in tumbling will help him tremendously.

-KA, Social Worker (January 2017)


This is AMAZING!!!!  Thank you!

-LF, Social Worker (October 2016)


I wanted to thank you again – I think my heart grew a little bigger today. I honestly cannot tell you how amazing I think this foundation is… truly.

-KM, Park Board Volunteer (September 2016)


I am a single parent attending KSU and I live at home with my parents. My mother does not have steady income and my step father is the main bread winner of the family. We make enough for the necessities. …My son is really interested and has wanted to play football since last year. [Now I’m able to offer this] opportunity for my child.

-JS, Parent (August 2016)


I would like to thank you for this precious resource benefiting our students and families. I am currently the school social worker in [Cobb County.] …this is such a great and rare resource.

-JP, Social Worker (July 2015)


I find this a phenomenal offering to our Community. Keep up the good work!

-FS, Cobb County PTA program (August 2015)


I am always torn when it comes to students not having the funds to participate in sports activities as I am not always able to find resources to help with this “non-essential” need.  I absolutely value the experience of participating in sports and glad to know that there is a resource that can help connect students to just that!

-LF, Social Worker (August 2015)


I wanted to personally thank you for assisting in the cost for my son to play for the 8th grade …. football team. Not only did you help a child to play a sport he loves, but have given him something to be motivated and work hard for. …His grades went from last year failing to almost straight As! Thank you so much!

JR, Parent (October 2015)


The Dave Krache Foundation is an organization that is all about the kids, I am a single parent of three kids and make a good living, but in 2013 I had surgery and we all know insurance doesn’t pick up all of it. I was a little behind and the foundation was there to let two of my children play their beloved Recreational Basketball. Without their help I never would of saw the smiles on my children’s faces of playing those games. They helped me in a time of need and I will never forget the gesture, Thank You SO Much for YOUR Help!!!!

-BWS, Parent, Canton (August 2014)


As the treasurer of an area Softball park I often hear parents say that they would love to have their child play but just don’t have the extra money to pay the fees. It is a great feeling to be able to tell the parents that there are other options. The Dave Krache Foundation has helped several children play with our organization from Recreational ball to All Star ball enabling these children and parents to pursue their love of playing sports. Without the Dave Krache Foundation these children would not be able to be on the fields doing what they love and staying out of trouble. It is awesome to see a foundation like this investing in the future of our youth!

-CC, Treasurer of a park in Cobb County (August 2014)


In our first year of offering youth basketball to our county, we were very fortunate to have had The Dave Krache Foundation actually reach out to us and let us know they were there to help with less fortunate families and unusual circumstances.  In that very first year they helped assist three different families play basketball for the very first time and since that time they have continued to grow in their love for sports.

Last season (2013) we had a father in need of assistance and we immediately reach out to The Dave Krache Foundation to see what they could do. Within minutes of the dad talking with them on the phone we were able to secure his daughter a spot on the league and the rest is history!

Jay W., Athletic Division Director, Cherokee Recreation & Parks Division (August 2014)


Thank you… We always have a few people who ask for assistance and thank you for what you are doing.

– Tara S., Oregon Park (August 2012)


This is absolutely fabulous.  As President of Sandy Plains softball I can tell you what an impact this makes.  Typically we sponsor anywhere from 5-10 kids a year that cannot afford to play.  We believe in the mission.

– Paul N., President, Sandy Plains Softball Association (August 2012)


We would like to take a moment to publicly thank The  Dave Krache Foundation for their scholarship support this 2012-13 Season by providing six players the opportunity to play youth basketball this season.  We are very grateful and supportive for this kind gesture.

– Jay W., Athletic Division Director, Cherokee Recreation & Parks Division (November 2012, on their website)


Wow – just when I think I can’t cry anymore, you go and make me do it!  …Thank you!

-MB, parent (May 2013)


Please follow @DaveKrache a new #nonprofit in Atlanta that help kids play the sports they love.  Sports Angels making a difference!

-Liz, The Bluebird Patch – @BluebirdPtchATL (May 2013)


Thank you again for your donation and giving us the ability to sponsor these families.

-Camille T., Athletic Coordinator, Cherokee Recreation & Parks Division (October 2013, via email)