If you are a parent, volunteer, or donor – your questions may be answered here.  If you read this and still have questions, please contact help@davekrache.com


Who is eligible to receive money?

If you live in metro Atlanta, and have the honest need for some assistance to pay league fees associated with your child playing a sport, you fill out pages 1-2 of the application (your coach/pastor/teacher/social worker/guidance counselor/community volunteer fills out pages 3-4) and you may request some help.  While we can’t guarantee everyone who asks will receive assistance, we do our absolute best to help.

How does the Foundation determine whether or not they can help me?

There are many factors that go into the application response – the Foundation weighs the availability of funds, whether or not the family is contributing a partial amount to the fees, the details of their situation, their past involvement or volunteer activities, and how the family is working towards getting past this rough financial time.

Who initiates the Application for Request of Assistance?

The family completes pages 1-2 of the application and then submits the electronically-completed form to the coach, pastor, or teacher.

This person fills out pages 3-4 and is the person who is “vouching” for you, the parent or family member requesting assistance.  Whether that’s a coach who is familiar with your family, a pastor who understands your financial situation, or a park Board Member with whom you have volunteered in the past.  This community support allows the Foundation to assist those that need help the most.  We may contact this person with any follow up questions about what’s required to allow your child to play.

Once that person completes page 3-4, the form will be considered complete and they will submit this to electronically to help@davekrache.com.

I’ve already paid the fee to the park.  I just now discovered The Dave Krache Foundation, after I wrote the check.  Can you write a check to me?

No.  We cut payments directly to the park/league and request that they credit the family’s account that season.

You helped my family last season.  Can you help again?

On special circumstances, we will help families on a repeat-basis.  However, the Foundation’s purpose is to help those who need some assistance here and there – not to become a permanent crutch from season to season.

But what if I asked for assistance for a different child in my family?

The same idea applies – we don’t want to become a source of repeat assistance.  We want to help kids of all levels of need – maybe it’s just a temporary unemployment of a parent, maybe it’s unexpected medical expenses that have limited the budget this year.  If you need help for multiple children during the same season, fill out one application per child and let us know your special circumstances.  We want to do what we can to make sure kids in need are playing the sports they love!

I’m embarrassed about asking for help.  Are you going to publish my name somewhere?

Absolutely NOT.  We understand that it’s tough to ask for help, and we know you’re trying to do what’s best for your family and give your kids what they love.  Your name doesn’t go outside our organization during the Request for Assistance process.  However, if you feel that The Dave Krache Foundation has helped you, we would absolutely love a testimonial from you for our website (we’ll only use your initials, if you’d like).  Just contact help@davekrache.com – we’ll appreciate it immensely!

Your testimonial may help prompt someone to donate to the Foundation, which in turn could help another kid in need play sports.  Don’t you love the thought of that?

Do you help with 100% of the fees?

No.  During the registration times (typically January-March and July-September), we receive many requests.  In order to make a difference in as many families’ lives as possible, we may only offer partial assistance.  We recommend to families to give some serious consideration on what they are able to contribute towards the child’s sports fees, and then list the request for what they truly do need help with.  If you as a parent are able to contribute a partial amount, we can work together and make sure your kid’s dreams come true!

There’s no such thing as a “free lunch.”  What’s the catch?

The only catch is that you one day “pay it forward.”  We won’t track you down to make sure you follow through, but one day – whether it’s next week, next year, or in 10 years – you will have the opportunity to help someone else in need, whether it’s by way of money, time, or your talent.  Consider paying it forward and doing something for someone else!  You never know what chain of good things you can help along!

Where do you come up with this money to give out?

Through individual donations, business sponsorships, and event participation in The Sports Fanatic 5K each July – part of the Kennesaw Grand Prix Race Series.

My child just turned 18.  Can you help with him?

We focus on assistance for children up to 16.  If there is a special circumstance for a child 17 or 18, you can list that on your application and it will be considered.

This is the first sport my child has played and he needs equipment.  Do you help with that?

We may have some donated equipment for various sports on-hand.  There is a spot on the application for this request.  If we have something on-hand, we will let you know.  At the very least, we may be able to connect you with another resource to help with this.

I know a family that needs the help!  What do I do?

Great!  Are you a coach, board member, or volunteer where their child is playing?  Are you a pastor at their church or a teacher or guidance counselor that knows the family?  Perhaps you’re a social worker?  If so, email help@davekrache.com to request a copy of the 2018 Request for Financial Assistance Application.  Ask the parent to complete pages 1-2 first.  They will need to save the .pdf to their computer, fill it out electronically, save it, and then email the form back to you.  You will complete pages 3-4, and then send the packet to us at help@davekrache.com.  You’ll hear back from the Board on the response of assistance within 72 hours.  (Note: If the request is approved, please allot 5-7 business days to receive the check).

The Dave Krache Foundation seems terrific!  I want to donate!  But how am I sure that you all are legit?

Good question!  Our IRS EIN is 46-1012319.  Check us out on Guidestar, and be sure that you know your rights as a donor.  Click here for the Donor Bill of Rights.  Then, click here to donate!

How is The Dave Krache Foundation involved in the business community?

The DKF is a member of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and Kennesaw Business Association.  We have strong ties to fantastic supporters and volunteers.  We are always looking for corporate, business, and individual sponsors.